July 11, 2023 - BY Admin

Misconception About Solar

Misleading advertisement and unmatched expectations

Trust matters when you choose a solar company. You need to know that the installer will deal fairly with you, and that starts with truth in advertisment.

If you see a solar energy company making outrageous claims in their advertisements, the company might take a similarly dishonest approach to dealing with you in person.


Distrust of aggressive sales installer


Lack of technical knowhow of some installers have caused so much damages all because of sales.

Take your time, be available for your energy audit and ask questions to determining your required capacity and ensure you are in the right installer's hand for the best result 


Subjective comparison of solar panel quotes

Lowest price does not mean the best deal!

i. On solar deals, make sure you know the following;

ii. The system size: What is the total wattage of the system

The system output and offset: How many KWh am I getting per year? How much am I saving from electricity bill per year?


Horror stories about after installation support


A premise assessment is the first step of the process to creating customer peace of mind.

i. The roof for mounting the solar panels, energy consumption of the building and the building insulation needs to be assessed.

When these are ignored, it creates path for unwanted issues after Solar Power System installation.


Misinformation about solar panel costs


Some installers are fond of quoting a ridiculous price for items or equipment needed for complete installation and eventually deliver with fairly used ones knowing that the customer wouldn't notice it or probably wouldn't cross-check the items. 

This eventually backfires and causes back and forth maintenance. 


Unrealistic budget by the client/customer

Some Clients intentionally request for a complete Solar Power System with a ridiculous budget. It is imperative for a professional to dissociate from such deal.

However, some unprofessional installer yields to this act and eventually leads to bad story causing a misconception. It is important to be realistic and not stingy.